Personal Health Station

Personal Health Station from Secure Medical, Inc.

United States

Company Profile
Phoenix Kiosk “Unveils” its New – Personal Health Station, allowing users to track, trend, and measure Blood Pressure, Weight and Body Mass Index (BMI). By educating the public to make wiser decisions with regard to their health, the Personal Health Station is a powerful tool that enables positive lifestyle changes.

The Personal Health Station can integrate to an EHR (MS HealthVault or Google Health), where the biometric feedback can be included into their health records. The station also has the capability to empower a patient to utilize the clinic’s existing Check in/Appointment software.

Phoenix Kiosk’s Personal Health Station Standard Features:
• Primary Monitor – Provides instructions on navigating through
the portal to utilize the Personal Health Station efficiently
• Standard Blood Pressure Cuff – to measure blood pressure
• Printer for Receipts and Real-Time Biometric Reports
• Weight Scale – for Body Mass Index (BMI) Results

Organizations that Can Benefit by Using the Personal Health Station
• Physician Clinics
• Urgent Care
• Pharmacies
• Malls
• Health Clubs
• Airports
• Grocery Stores
• Hospitals

Phoenix Kiosk’s Healthcare Products:

Phoenix Kiosk, Inc. provides a wide range of solutions for many segments of the healthcare industry. We recognize the importance, and value, of providing HIPAA-compliant solutions for track-and-trend management, and meaningful-use compliance. As healthcare continues to evolve, Phoenix Kiosk will continue to be responsive to the needs of providers.

Clients are currently using our Kiosks for: Visitor Management, Hospital Directories, Self-Check-in, Vendor Credentialing/Management and Appointment Scheduling.


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