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PharmaTrust MedCenter from PharmaTrust Corp.

1468 Elmhurst Road Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 United States of America

Company Profile
PharmaTrust MedCenter

The PharmaTrust MedCenter is a principle product of PharmaTrust Corp. The PharmaTrust MedCenter is a pharmacist-controlled, patient-interactive remote prescription dispensing unit. It uses state-of-the-art robotics and scanning technologies to provide unprecedented face-to-face patient-pharmacist video consultation and immediate prescription dispensing. The MedCenter enables up to 24 hour access anywhere/anytime to pharmacy services without the barriers of time, distance, language or costs of traditional pharmacies. The MedCenter can hold over 2000 different medications and includes features such as pill counting and refrigeration.

How does the MedCenter work?
• A patient simply touches the screen, inserts a prescription, picks up the phone and begins speaking with the pharmacist who appears on screen via two-way video technology.
• After pharmacist counselling, payment is processed and the medication is dispensed.
• The pharmacist maintains complete control over the MedCenter, supported by integrated safety features that help ensure accuracy, while keeping private information just that - private.


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