TES™, the Transportable Examination Station

TES™, the Transportable Examination Station from GlobalMed

United States

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Caring for patients outside of the office or clinic is made more efficient with the help of GlobalMed’s TES™, the Transportable Examination Station. TES is a lightweight, carry-on sized solution that travels with a nurse or other clinician to the patient. It contains tools a healthcare provider can use to examine patients or do consultations remotely even when the patient is not at a medical center.
Included in TES are an HP Elitebook Tablet PC loaded with CapSure® Image Automation Software, a TotalExam™2 Examination Camera, plus a USB otoscope and digital stethoscope. All equipment fits inside the lockable, wheeled, aluminum case, designed for protection, durability and portability. Other USB medical devices can be plugged into TES’s control panel for integration with the HP Tablet.
The HP Elitebook enables the patient-side clinician to videoconference with a remote provider using wireless, 3G/4G, Ethernet or SAT phone connections. Putting TES in the hands of a traveling nurse can help reduce patient readmissions while delivering quality care and enabling provider access to the patient.


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