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Philips Healthcare, a global leader in medical diagnostic imaging and patient monitoring systems, is used in 100% of Americas Top Hospitals according to US News & World Report (July 2008) and was cited as “taking the lead in home health care” by BusinessWeek (Sept. 2009).

Philips Telehealth Solutions: Improving patient care and critical outcomes, reducing acute care hospitalizations and cost

Top ten reasons to prescribe telehealth post-discharge
♦ Help reduce hospital readmissions
♦ Improve clinical outcomes
♦ Help decrease long-term healthcare costs
♦ Improve patient quality-of-life
♦ Improve patient education and self-care
♦ Improve patient compliance
♦ Decrease frequency of ER visits
♦ Streamline clinical workflow
♦ Catch early signs of decompensation
Reduce the risk of patient mortality

With Philips Telehealth Solutions, healthcare providers can reduce hospital readmissions for patients with chronic diseases such as heart failure. Philips Telehealth features patient-friendly wireless vital sign measurement devices and easy-to-use web-based clinical software, with customizable health survey questions, risk assessment tools and disease-specific patient education. Philips provides comprehensive implementation support, clinical workflow analysis and HL7 interface expertise to help build successful post-discharge telemonitoring programs.

Philips Home Healthcare portfolio also includes remote cardiac monitoring services such as arrhythmia diagnosis and implanted device surveillance for physician practices, as well as Respironics sleep therapy solutions and Lifeline medical alert services. For more information on Philips home monitoring solutions, visit