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United States


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At NIDEK, the word kigai, “strong spirit,” is emblematic of our approach to product development. It is the precis of passion by which we strive to find and foster eye-care solutions for all people, everywhere.

Focusing on the Present
NIDEK offers a wide array of equipment designed for the diagnosis and treatment of retinal diseases, glaucoma, and other vision-impairing afflictions. Our aim is to avail the field with products of unmatched quality, service, and value.

Looking Toward the Future
Since its inception, NIDEK has been expanding the boundaries of vision science. Our devotion to this endeavor is reflected by our ongoing research and development of new technologies, such as optoelectronics and artificial vision.

NIDEK has always strived to maintain its place as an innovator in the industry. With our sound business foundation and a pledge to excellence, NIDEK will continue to move forward in answering the needs of vision-care providers throughout the world.